The Mosaic The fight and goals of the Communist party from the Former Communist party building

Artists: Ioan Leviev and architect Vladimir Rangelov

Date: 1969-1970

Dimensions: 12.42 х 2.60 m and 3.03 х 2.60 m

“Moments of the resistance and future development of socialism”

This mosaic flanks the entrance to the administrative section of the former Communist Party building and consists of two panels. The larger panel on the left side of the entrance depicts a horizontal scene with two groups of figures set against a golden background. The technique can be described as a kind of opus tessellatum. The figures stand out in relief from the background. The tesserae are made from natural stone in five colors: red (sandstone), beige (sandstone), dark ochre (limestone “Sredinka” from Sredina village in Kardzhali district), and white (fine-grained marble). The five-pointed red star in the center of the larger panel is composed of red smalt. The background consists of ceramic tile tesserae both plated with bronze (colloidal gold in different hues of copper or old gold) and coated with blue, pink, and gold glazes. The figural scene stands out in a 5 cm relief from this background and so has a border that distinguishes it from the rest of the mosaic. The mosaic’s background is generally flat but has considerable irregularities. Moreover, the entire surface of the mosaic has visible giornatas (joints made when the different parts of the mosaic were put together). The mosaic was bound with a cement solution that can be seen in some of these joints and in weathered patches of the mosaic. Most of the tesserae are hand-made and so have irregular shapes; their sides vary from 2 to 8 cm long, and some tesserae are even larger.

According to witnesses, the mosaic was laid in situ by Georgi Dimov and apprentices who were commissioned for the task.

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