3D mosaic in a water facility in front of the polyclinic of the Trakiya neighbourhood

Artists: Trifon Nedelchev and Margarita Tomova

Date: 1980s

These are concrete globular sculptures covered with decorative opus tessellatum mosaics. The tesserae have  four colors: white (marble), black-gray, ochre (limestone) and red (smalt); their sizes vary between 1.5 x 3 cm and 5 x 5 cm. The mosaic was laid with great precision and has a very even surface despite the free-flowing globular structures it covers. The mosaic was made with a concrete solution, and the joints were filled with remarkable precision.

Plovdiv, Polyclinic of the Trakiya neighbourhood, water facility with 3D mosaic by Trifon Nedelchev and Margarita Tomova. Anton Chalakov/BHF, 2021

Polyclinic of the Trakiya neighbourhood, Plovdiv, water facility with 3D mosaic.

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Трифон Неделчев

Trifon Nedeltschew,
photo: personal archive

Trifon Nedelchev was born in 1945 in Markovo village near Plovdiv, Bulgaria. He graduated from the “Sculpture” program in Veliko Tarnovo University “Saint Cyril and Methodius” and actively participated in Bulgarian artistic life in the 1980s. In 1992 he moved to Leipzig, Germany, where he had a number of exhibitions. He worked in collaboration with “Freien Schule für Künstlerisches Gestalten” in Badenweiler, Baden Wurtemberg. His works can be seen at the National Art Gallery (Sofia), the City Art Gallery (Plovdiv), and other Bulgarian galleries. They are also parts of private collections in Germany, Austria, Lebanon, and the United States.

Margarita Tomova

Margarita Tomova
photo: personal archive

Margarita Tomova was born in 1945 in Sofia, Bulgaria. She graduated in 1970 from the “Ceramics” program in the National Academy of Art in Sofia in the class of Prof. Venko Kolev. She participated in all national exhibition in applied arts since 1981 as well as in group exhibitions in Germany, Russia, Italy, and France. She was a member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists (UBA) since 1983. She worked in the sphere of decorative ceramics and monumental arts and on various projects in the Plovdiv region in collaboration with Trifon Nedelchev.


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